Feb 282013

Summer TV Preview

The 2014 summer TV lineup looks as exciting and interesting as any in recent memory.  It appears that there will be something for everyone, from returning hit shows to new traditional shows to reality shows.   As usual, the summer is the time that we see three types of tTV show from the networks:

1. Reality shows.  Given that there is a lot of time to fill, networks need a cheap and easy way to produce interesting content.  Reality shows fill time well, and can still potentially be ratings earners.  In fact, some of today’s most popular reality shows in the fall and spring started out as summer TV or winter TV fillers.

2. Sometimes a summer tv show is there because its audience actually watches more tv in the summer than other times of year.  College students for example may be more likely to watch a show in the summer than the fall.  In a related way, sometimes summer tv shows are designed to capture a summer theme, fitting in nicely with what its potential viewers are interested in during summertime.

3. One factor that is particularly true of the cable channels like HBO and Cinemax is that tv shows that have such loyal viewers that time of year is not important.  Many viewers of these niche and often critically acclaimed cable shows look forward to focusing on them during the summer.

All of this said, the Summer TV show lineups can be confusing to navigate – its hard to know what is a rerun and what is new, and what might be promising and what is just poor quality filler.  That is why we are here.  We will provide not only specific previews and reviews of summer tv shows, but also more information like this that might generally help you navigate the summer tv lineup.

Don’t get depressed each summer, waiting for your favorites to return in late September.  Instead learn how to find the very best in the summer TV lineup!

Apr 222014

Summer TV Action: Crossbones

This one is different.  Destined to easily capture the attention of any summer TV viewer who likes action and adventure, Crossbones will then move on to attract a wider variety of viewers who find the show interesting and incredibly well acted and produced.

Crossbones is set in 1715 in the Bahamas on the island of Santa Campana.  A pirate named Edward Teach – you may know him as Blackbeard – is the leader of a large group of thieves and generally unsavory characters.  The island is positioned perfectly so that Blackbeard can attack incoming ships that are on a major trade route.  In fact, for a while he is a threat to major global commerce.

Viewers may be captivated by this interesting and exciting period show even before they find out that the main character will be played by John Malkovich.  In fact all of the acting, the sets, and the action are incredibly well done in this new summer TV show, perhaps a perfect fit for viewers looking for something exciting and fun during the summer months.

The initial shows are centered around Blackbeard’s desire to capture the first longitude chronometer.  This may seem simple until you realize that th that device may powerfully transform sea-trade and global commerce.  When he attacks a vessel an English spy destroys the device before he is captured, and while in captivity he tries to reassemble the device.  The greater overall plot involves a plan that could not be any more important and powerful, potentially leading to a threat to the crown in England.

This summer TV show does not take long to get going, so it’s worth at least a few episodes’ try starting at the end of May.  See if NBC truly has a hit with the new Summer TV show in 2014, a show that really does have something for everyone.

Apr 132014

Summer TV Series: NY Med

Seldom does a really good show fly under the radar, but when it first did, NY Med did not gain the notoriety that was expected, but its following was strong and people really enjoyed it.  This real-life reality show took a full two years to produce and even brings a new city into the mix by including Manhattan’s New York Presbyterian Hospital as well as the trauma surgeons at Newark’s University Hospital.  The latter opens the door to life in an ER in a particularly violent city.  This series truly offers something for everyone, with human drama between the real life characters, humor (particularly emanating from the ER nurses who seem to have more than their share of drama in their own lives, and ER drama.

One character who seems to stand out Dr. Mehmet Oz who seems to be a gifted surgeon who would almost seem out-of-place if we did not get to know his passion for saving lives in a city hospital.  This summer TV series  will continue to captivate and will likely help ABC Tv promote its fall lineup while not losing too many viewers in this summertime.  Like many good summer TV shows, NY Med is well-rounded, fast-paced, and fun to watch.  It fits well with what we have described as the perfect type of summer TV show.  And given the fact that the show has not been on for two years it may feel more like a new summer TV show in 2014 than a returning favorite.

NY Med is a realty show with amazing potential, given how the medical genre has not been well covered before among reality TV shows.  Other genres such as singing competitions and challenges seem to be getting overplayed, so this new summer TV series may truly have what it takes!


Mar 202014

Summer TV Series Unforgettable

CBS TV has announced that its popular show Unforgettable will return as a summer TV series in 2014.  Once a new summer TV series, Unforgettable had great viewership last year and did very well on Sunday nights.    The premise is that a police detective has a condition that allows her to remember all the details of her life so far.  The cast, including Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh (her ex-boyfriend and partner), Jane Curtain, and Tawny Cypress is very strong in the police series, suggesting that it might have continue to do well in the summer TV lineup.

Unforgettable has been successful starting when it was a new summer tv show two years ago by combining present day police procedural action with underlying plot lines from the main character’s past.  In other words, while she solves interesting crimes in the present day she is haunted by the past and in particular the murder of her sister – the one thing she cannot seem to remember clearly enough to find the person who did it.  It was interesting that this summer TV series had a significant occurrence at the very beginning of last season, moving just two of the main characters to a new job in a new division (the Major Crimes Division), so fans may be wondering whether any similar surprises are in store in the third year of this summer TV series.

The fact that CBS is so excited by this summer TV series as to announce it very early suggests that it has high expectations and confidence.  Given that this one is not a new summer TV series but instead a returning one means that the network is taking less of a chance.  That said, it will be a goal to pick up new viewers, something that can be a little harder in the summer TV season, but announcing early gives them a chance to promote Unforgettable during the spring.

Feb 262014

Extant: New Summer TV Series

Our first entry of the New Summer TV Shows in 2014 may be the one most likely to get a ton of buzz.  Extant is a new summer TV series that will appear on CBS.  The fact that this new summer TV series is produced by Steven Spielberg and executive produced by the talented Mickey Fisher, will certainly generate significant interest for its main star: Oscar-winner Halle Berry plays an astronaut who has been in space for a year and is now having to readjust to life back on Earth.

The plot may sound straightforward and plain until you hear the hype and see the trailer, at which point you’ll see that there appears to be some sort of science fiction aspect to things, something having to do with a new form of life perhaps that may be growing inside Ms. Berry’s character.  There likely will be fascinating and exciting twists and turns in this one related to people and aliens and everything in between, with heavy plot lines that may be quite thought-provoking and exciting.  This show, while perhaps science fiction at its core, may have something for everyone.  The fact that two Spielberg shows, this one and the return of “Under the Dome” are likely to be featured among the new summer TV shows in 2014 suggests that this type of show seems favored for the summer TV schedule.

As of now we’re not sure how the plot lines in Extant will play out, but the initial information – and the show’s title – suggest that it will have something to do with the success of the human species and perhaps some sort of struggle related to that.  We look forward to hearing more about Extant as the spring moves along because this summer TV series appears ripe for continued small bits of information – “teasers” – being released.

Dec 272013

As we move from 2013 to 2014 we begin to hear a little about the Summer TV lineup.  So yes, it is not too early to begin to wonder about the new TV shows and returning favorites that will be in the Summer TV schedule this coming summer.  And your most trusted website to bring you this information in a fully independent and unbiased way is right here!

As with past summers, we will search through the news to find information about new Summer TV shows as well as those returning shows that the networks have decided will air during the summer.  We will provide previews and reviews, and also give you news and information to help you know why each show was put into the summer TV lineup as opposed to the more popular fall TV lineup.  This information may help you choose which new TV shows to try, and will help ensure you do not miss your favorite shows.

Our focus will be on those new or returning Summer Tv shows we feel will have broad appeal, and those likely to attain some degree of success.  We will explore unique offerings as well as the Summer TV shows that the networks seem to be putting a lot of promotion into or that they have spent a lot of money producing.  Whether because a Summer TV show has a particularly interesting plot line, has a popular actor or actress in it, or shows promise as far as initial reviews, we will bring you information.

Of course we may miss something and we welcome your input as far as news and information about summer TV shows – let us know what you hear and point us in the direction of particular new or returning summer TV shows you are interested in.  The summer TV season will be here before we know it!

Dec 092013

So it is no longer the fall TV season, and so we must be taking time off, right?  Actually, not.  The fall TV season is so important and such a focus of the networks that the buzz about next year’s fall TV season is likely right around the corner.  And we will be right here to follow it.  Whether we hear rumors about particular actors potentially breaking into a fall TV show, or a potentially fall TV season hit next year, we’ll report it.  We will also follow those new fall shows from this past fall that were delayed for some reason and might appear in the spring or even summer.

Now of course the other thing we will be doing this winter and spring is following the summer TV schedule for our sister site http://www.summertvpreview.com.  There you can find the latest news and information about the summer TV season, with potential news about which shows might eventually make it into the coveted fall TV lineup.  We will also cover those fall TV shows for which the reverse is true – that they jump to the summer TV lineup because of a lack of success or viewership.  We purposely use a broad definition of “fall TV shows” so that we can bring you comprehensive coverage.

So there is no time off for us at New Fall Shows, and we hope you will not take time off either – let us know what you hear about next fall TV season, and maybe what you are hoping for as far as actors and shows that you think can and should make the leap.  We will keep you updated on what we hear, whether rumors of definites, and even the latter, as you know, can change between the off-season and the new fall TV season, but we’ll do our best.

Aug 112013

It is almost exactly the halfway point of the summer season, and likewise it is the hallway point of the summer TV season of 2013. We wanted to turn your attention to our sister website, New Fall TV, where we begin to explore the new fall shows that are scheduled on the major TV networks. Now of course you may very well be here to explore the summer TV season, included new summer TV shows and returning favorites that make up the summer TV lineup, and that is still quite relevant, but you may also be interested in getting a preview of the fall TV season of 2013.

New Fall TV only covers those new tv shows we think we will either be hits, hidden gems, or may develop a strong even if niche following. Those new shows we doubt or have major questions about we do not cover at all. We don’t review everything, but instead take an unbiased and independent look and try to capture only the good ones. Like summer TV preview, we want to share our thoughts and opinions and gather t hose of our readers.

Please continue to read about our summer TV previews and reviews, and we will continue to update the shows if and when there are changes in their quality, or if there are late breaking additions to the summer TV lineup. It may also be helpful to review our site if you are wondering which of the summer TV lineup might make it through to a prime fall or spring slot. And of course if you are looking for a show to watch on a subscription service because you enjoy watching a full season at once or there just is not enough to watch in the early fall, we may be able to continue to give you hints.

Apr 042013

Summer TV Series Breaking Bad

There will be eight episodes of Breaking Bad in the summer TV season of 2013.  And then the series will finish.  Unlike other tv shows that end, this summer TV series is likely to pack a few surprises in its last episodes.  Who knows what will happen to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.  With little chance of a revival or motion picture, the writers can really have free rein.

Those of you who are fans of this upcoming summer TV series will note that we do know a little, since this show offers an occaisional flash forward.  We know that Walt will be armed in a big way, though what that will lead to in anyone’s guess.  There have been series finales that have been quite final and have closed a lot of loops, and others that leave a lot unsaid and unresolved.  We are assuming that the former will be true of this particular summer TV series.

What is particularly important to note about this summer TV series is the network it is on.  Before Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The WAlking Dead, there would be little interest or press about AMC even during the popular fall and spring TV seasons.  Now the success of those shows, which have gained both critical acclaim and highly loyal viewerships has put AMC on the map even during the less popular summer TV season.

Perhaps as Breaking Bad ends we’ll also see a preview of what might come next from this network that may not have a lot of popular shows, but certainly knows how to do it right when it produces a new show.  This is the first time they will be losing one of their premiere shows, so the other fun of following Breaking Bad this summer might be looking to see what AMC preview next!


Mar 232013

Summer TV SEries Blackbeard Starring John Malkovich

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John Malkovich, yes the same guy who has been twice nominated for Academy Awards and who has been a star in many strange and suspenseful big screen movies, is coming to a summer TV series that may capture the attention of fans of his and a lot of others as well.  Called Crossbones, this NBC Summer TV series has a ton of potential, starting with Mr. Malkovich’s portrayal of Blackbeard, the lead role.  Many people forget that Mr.

AS you might have guessed, this Summer TV series chronicles the life and times of the pirate Blackbeard, one of the most well-known pirates ever.  Situated in 1715, this summer TV show has something for any history buff, while also carrying enough excitement and action for everyone else.  This series is likely debuting in the Summer months because it is so different from most TV series in its setting and plot that it is considered an experiment – but perhaps an exciting experiment that is likely to do extremely well.

The writer and producer of NBC’s Blackbeard is Neil Cross who also brought the well received series Luther.  The series will follow Edward Teach – better known of course as Blackbeard, who has a small army of pirates who are based on the Bahamian island of New Providence.  The plot will go in two directions, sometimes following the action in this shantytown that has become a pirate taking off point, and sometimes taking place on the high seas.  Among the plot lines is that of a undercover assassin named  Tom Lowe who is sent to take down Blackbeard – it may seem like a simple assignment but turns out to be anything but.  House fans, be ready – it may be that Hugh Laurie, Dr. House himself, will play the lead role.

Mar 122013

Summer TV Series Camp

Get ready to go to camp this summer.  Okay, so that or something like it will be the introductory sentence in many places for the new NBC comedy summer TV series starring Rachel Griffiths so we couldn’t resist.  Camp is not just a throw away like the line, however, since NBC has hired the highly successful  producers of the other off-season hit “Deception”, Liz Heldens and Peter Elkoff to create it.

This Summer series is being billed as equal parts “Meatballs” and “Dazed and Confused” takes place at a Family Camp, where both parents and children have adventures and fun, and of course al sorts of romance.  Griffiths is the unforgettable camp director named Mackenzie, the camp’s relentlessly upbeat director.  Some of the other cast members have not been announced as of this posting, but there will certainly be a wide mix of personalities – just like at any camp!

The producers have described the show as both sophisticated and funny, and particularly appealing for anyone who has had a camp experience of any kind.  The characters are all compelling with a bit of dysfunction mixed in, with the end result being a “dramedy” that will likely have something for everyone.   This summer tv series is perfectly timed for those who went to camp and are looking for nostalgia, those who did not go to camp and want a voyeuristic look into what it might be like, and everyone in between.

NBC is banking on Camp as one of its few scripted summer tv shows, matching up with its string reality lineup such as “America’s Got Talent”.   We have high hopes for this new summer TV series, given how few summer TV shows like it there are, and the fact that Griffiths tends to be compelling and enjoyable on any size screen.