Summer TV preview 2017: It’s not too early! We already know a few things about the summer TV lineup for 2017, and we will continue to provide information about all of the summer TV shows in 2017 as we get it. Our goal is to be your year-round source of information and advice about new summer TV shows and returning favorites. We define “Summer TV Premiers” as those TV shows that are new to the network and debuting during the summer season. Each summer there are several promising shows that fall into this category, and we hope to capture the best of the new summer TV schedule here. There are reasons why a network decides to premiere a show in the summertime, and this post describes those reasons and how you might be able to pick out the best ones as the networks promote the possibilities. On the other hand, summer TV shows that are returning are also an area of interest and as each popular summer TV series from last summer gets renewed, we’ll let you know!

Early Summer TV Preview 2017

The summer TV lineup in 2017 will as always have its share of premieres and returning favorites. And the summer TV schedule in 2017 promises a large dose of sports as well. We provide Reviews of summer TV shows on this page, as well as providing a Summer TV preview by Network. So far here is what we know::

  • ABC Summer TV Shows include the return of Mistress for a 4th season and the popular summer reality shows Bachelor in Paradise also returns
  • The NBC Summer TV Lineup will be dominated by the 2017 summer Olympics in Rio, but we will also see the return of America’s Got Talent without Judge Howard Stern
  • Fox Summer TV is a bit of mystery right now, but we will continue to follow the news regarding this network
  • Our CBS Summer TV Preview centers around the return of the TV adaptation of James Patterson’s Zoo, and will also have the highly successful long-running summer TV reality show Big Brother
  • The highlight on the Showtime Summer TV Schedule is the return of the critically acclaimed The Affair
  • Summer TV on HBO may include the returns of popular Silicon Valley or Veep, but we have not seen the schedule yet

As you can see above, you can search by network or by category using the drop downs, and of course we will review specific summer TV shows on this page below this post.

Summer TV Series Types

As usual, the summer is the time that we see three types of TV show from the networks in 2017:

  1. Reality shows. Given that there is a lot of time to fill, networks need a cheap and easy way to produce interesting content. Reality shows fill time well, and can still potentially be ratings earners. In fact, some of today’s most popular reality shows in the fall and spring started out as summer TV or winter TV fillers. Battlebots was one such example last year!
  2. Summer Viewers. Sometimes a summer TV series is there because its audience actually watches more TV in the summer than other times of year. College students for example may be more likely to watch a show in the summer than the fall. In a related way, sometimes summer TV shows are designed to capture a summer theme, fitting in nicely with what its potential viewers are interested in during summertime. Wet Hot American Summer had mixed success attracting this audience in the previous summer TV lineup for example.
  3. Loyal Followings. One factor that is particularly true of the cable channels like HBO and Cinemax is that TV shows that have such loyal viewers that time of year is not important. Many viewers of these niche and often critically acclaimed cable shows look forward to focusing on them during the summer. True Detective is a good example in this summer’s TV lineup, though as yet we do not know if it will return in 2017

Summer TV Shows Guide

What differences, perhaps besides the quality of the shows, do we find in summer TV shows? Often we find the following:

  1. Networks try to stay away from scheduling shows on the weekends where people tend to be particularly busy in the summer. While these are not the strongest spots in the fall and spring TV lineups either, they are often particularly avoided in the summer TV lineup.
  2. Networks might also focus a bit more on the later time slots, 10pm and 9pm, since with longer daylight people are often doing activities much longer in the summer months.
  3. The summer TV schedule often packs the more promising shows into one night, especially half-hour shows. There is just not enough good TV to fill out an entire week, so having a designated night where they hope people will tune in is often the answer.
  4. The summer TV lineup provides a little less depth and fewer shows than the fall season, but there are still many choices in a variety of genres. You may feel that it is important to choose carefully so you don’t miss out on what are usually a few hits during this season.

The summer TV schedule is tricky but that’s why we are here. We want to provide you with not only information about when each summer TV series will be on, but also whether it is worth watching and whether it will fit your tastes. You might use this page as a starting point and then use our previews and reviews on the other pages to do a little homework. You can also use other sites for information and guidance. We will provide not only specific previews and reviews of the best summer TV shows, but also more information like this that might generally help you navigate the summer TV lineup.

The 2017 summer TV lineup looks as exciting and interesting as any in recent memory with many quality summer TV shows to choose from. It appears that there will be something for everyone, from returning hit shows to new traditional shows to reality shows. The summer TV schedule in 2017 offers a wide variety of choices for the television viewer and it offers the networks a chance to air certain shows that they feel are too experimental for the more popular fall and spring seasons, are designed for a particular audience that tends to watch TV in the summer, or is somehow perfect summer faire. These summer TV shows give the networks a chance to promote their important fall TV lineup, often to the same group of viewers that might be interested. In many cases the networks are truly hoping that a new summer TV show will be a hit, but they get to try it out in the summer to see if they are right.

Don’t get depressed each summer, waiting for your favorites to return in late September. Instead learn how to find the very best Summer TV shows in 2017!
The snow hasn’t even started falling in many places in the United States but that does not mean that it is too early to talk about the summer TV schedule in 2017.  We will certainly see the hype build now, since the networks want to be first into the public’s mind with their summer TV lineup.  And with people now beginning to plan summer vacations and camps, the time is right.

So what will we likely see as far as summer TV shows in 2017?  As always we will see shows in four categories:

1. Reality TV shows will once again be a dominant force during the summer of 2017.  We will likely see returning favorites from 2017 such as America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance, and “Battlebots”.

2. New Summer TV Shows will also be seen.  There will not be too many in this category because it is challenging for a new series to develop a following in the summer, but there may be a few gems.

3. Returning Summer TV series will be seen.  These are shows that for one reason or another are a great fit from the summer TV lineup, even though they are good enough to be considered in other spots.  An example is “Zoo”.

4. One time Summer TV events that can be hyped and then used to promote the fall TV lineup.  One example that from last summer was”The Real Blacklist”, a Dateline special.

Our Coverage of the Summer 2017 TV Lineup

As always I will be providing previews and reviews of the best TV shows in the Summer TV schedule of 2017, with a focus on those TV series that may be a little lesser known or may be otherwise flying under the radar.  My sources of information as I choose the top summer TV shows of 2017 to review will include critical reviews, viewership numbers, my own opinion, and the opinions of specific critics I trust.

You will be able to find reviews and previews of the best summer TV shows in 2017 in the four major categories: comedy, action, reality, and drama.   And this site will be completely unbiased – I will not favor any particular network or type of show, and I have no stake in that you ultimately choose.

There are many excellent shows from which I will choose the best TV series in the 2017 summer lineup, and I want to say up front, as a sort of disclaimer, that I cannot possibly review them all.  Therefore, I will always welcome your input through the comments section, and I’d be happy to take a look at a series you feel may be one of the best TV shows returning or debuting in the summer TV schedule.

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Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you check back as I start to provide information about the best TV shows in the summer 2017 TV lineup!