Summer TV Series on CBS 2017

Summer TV shows on CBS tend to be quite diverse, representing several genres.  CBS TV tends to be very diligent about putting out a well-rounded summer TV line-up each year.  With a healthy mix of reality shows and new fictional summer TV series, CBS manages to keep a strong audience through the summer months.  Naturally this allows the network to promote their usually strong fall lineup ahead of time.  It also keeps its advertisers interested in the off months. In 2013 we saw CBS TV lead with the popular “Under the Dome” in their Summer TV schedule, and this did in fact help them promote their fall TV line-up while even getting some good viewership in these challenging summer months.  Again, being open to new summer TV shows within any genre gives CBS the flexibility to launch any number of shows in the summer TV schedule, potentially appealing to a wide audience.

CBS Summer TV Shows Strategy

Of course the best way for CBS to promote its fall lineup through a strategic roll-out of new summer shows that match the type of audience that they are looking for in their fall TV lineup.  This way they attract a similar audience to what they are looking for in the fall.  Alternatively, they could find several potential hits in the summer TV lineup, whether new summer shows or returning favorites, and try to cover more than one genre.  This would help match the various different audiences they are looking for for their fall TV lineup.  Our experience tells us that CBS TV is quite good at this strategy and their summer TV schedule has paid off as far as promotion of new fall shows.

CBS Summer TV Schedule overview

Here at summer TV preview we commend CBS for its attention to the off-season line-up, and for the quality and breadth of the summer TV shows they tend to produce.  It is a pleasure to cover this network and their summer TV shows because they are so attentive to this season and the summer TV series they roll-out.   CBS has made itself quite relevant and strong in the summer TV season and that makes our job much easier.  These are just a few of the CBS summer TV series.  You can feel the excitement the network has about these CBS summer TV series when you notice how carefully and assertively they are promoting them. Obviously they hope that these shows will attract a loyal audience in their own right, and there may even be one or two with the potential to move into the more popular fall and spring TV seasons.

Follow your local CBS TV schedule for more information, and you can always get up-to-date news at the CBS homepage.

2017 Summer TV Shows on CBS

Once again Big Brother returns to the CBS summer lineup in late June.  This popular show is perfect summer fodder and will once again be hosted by Julie Chen and will air twice each week.  This ratings winner is likely to do very well once again, and could be a real hit if more people discover how fun it is to watch a live reality show.  A winner with the younger crowd, this summer TV series will certainly help the network promote its fall lineup.

Zoo, which was a new drama series based on the popular bestselling novel by James Patterson.  This CBS summer TV premier involved a sudden and dramatic increase in violent animal attacks against people in many countries.  The hero was a biologist played by James Wolk who tried to figure out what is happening to make these animals so coordinated and ferocious in their attacks.  Time was short for him to try to unlock the secrets to what is going on during this crisis.  Viewers liked the show enough to get it renewed for a second season in 2017 in the CBS summer schedule.

Among the CBS summer premiers this year we find American Gothic, a thriller that revolves around a prominent Boston family that has recently found out that its deceased patriarch was a serial killer.  To make things more intriguing, there is a strong possibility that one of the remaining members was actually his accomplice.  We think that this CBS summer TV series could be a hit, considering its mix of suspense, intrigue and twists.  Watch for early buzz about this series, the next in a long line of CBS summer TV premiers with strong potential.

2015 CBS Summer TV Series Reviews

The 2015 summer TV lineup on CBS included:

Extant was mystery science fiction thriller starring Halle Berry entering its second season.  We saw this sci-fi series moving quickly on its core plot, as this returning astronaut realized that what was going inside of her on presented a huge threat to our planet.  She needed to figure out what to do, and a mysterious stranger played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan seemed to hold the key.  As a new summer TV series in 2014 this show developed a strong following, and 2015 was also strong, but not strong enough to break into the CBS summer schedule in 2017.

Under the Dome came back for its third season and occupied the most popular Thursday time slot.  This shows how strongly the network felt about this returning Stephen King inspired summer TV series.  The small town that was suddenly sealed off by an enormous and mysterious transparent dome had many interesting characters and the major plot line spawned many interesting stories.  Talented actress Marg Helgenberger (most recognized from her work on CSI:) guest starred in what was the most watched show last summer.  That said, this series ran its course and is now over.

2017 CBS Summer Schedule Conclusions

We only publish the highlights here, so if you notice any other potential gems in the CBS summer TV lineup, we hope you will share them with us and our readers!  We do not work for the networks and have no stake in anyone’s decision, so we aim to publish a well-rounded look at the best CBS summer TV shows.

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