It is almost exactly the halfway point of the summer season, and likewise it is the hallway point of the summer TV season of 2013. We wanted to turn your attention to our sister website, New Fall TV, where we begin to explore the new fall shows that are scheduled on the major TV networks. Now of course you may very well be here to explore the summer TV season, included new summer TV shows and returning favorites that make up the summer TV lineup, and that is still quite relevant, but you may also be interested in getting a preview of the fall TV season of 2013.

New Fall TV only covers those new tv shows we think we will either be hits, hidden gems, or may develop a strong even if niche following. Those new shows we doubt or have major questions about we do not cover at all. We don’t review everything, but instead take an unbiased and independent look and try to capture only the good ones. Like summer TV preview, we want to share our thoughts and opinions and gather t hose of our readers.

Please continue to read about our summer TV previews and reviews, and we will continue to update the shows if and when there are changes in their quality, or if there are late breaking additions to the summer TV lineup. It may also be helpful to review our site if you are wondering which of the summer TV lineup might make it through to a prime fall or spring slot. And of course if you are looking for a show to watch on a subscription service because you enjoy watching a full season at once or there just is not enough to watch in the early fall, we may be able to continue to give you hints.

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